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Standing Rules

Standing Rules: Original (last two pages) PDF

    (as of December 13, 1989--effective January 1, 1990)

    1.    Each year the President shall be responsible for the maintenance of the permanent on-going Record Book of Directors. The book shall list name, address, telephone, date elected or appointed, office(s) held, length of time in office, and committee(s) chaired.

    2.    The membership list, maintained by the secretary, for inspection by members shall be comprised of the following; member's name, date of originally joining the organization and most current renewal date.

    3.    The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an attendance sheet of directors and publicly reporting at each meeting during roll call, the total number of absences for any absent director. Additionally, the secretary shall indicate if it is a second consecutive absence.

    4.    Upon leaving the Board, directors who have completed one full term (2 years) of office shall receive a token of recognition and appreciation. The Vice President shall be responsible for obtaining the gift, not to exceed $20.00.

    5.    Directors who serve less than one full term (2 years) of office shall receive a certificate of appreciation. The Vice President shall obtain and maintain a supply of certificates.

    6.    An outgoing President, after having served a minimum of a full year term, receives an honorary gavel, not to exceed $25.00. The Vice President shall be responsible for obtaining the gift.

(as of December 13, 1989—effective January 1, 1990)

    7.    Upon death of a "sitting" director, a memorial remembrance, not to exceed $50.00, shall be sent to the family from the remaining Board of Directors. The responsibility for this task lies with the President.

    8.    The Board of Directors shall hold a workshop to familiarize rules, by-laws, procedures, etc. each year, for the coming year. This workshop shall be held between the January and the February business meetings.

    9.    Committee chairmen shall announce the members of their committees at the March business meeting.

1. Before speaking, one must first obtain the floor.

2. A motion always precedes debate.

3. Motions must be clear and to the point.

4. Each member has the right to speak twice on the same question, but cannot speak the second time as long as any member who has not spoken on the question desires the floor.

5. Debate must be germane.

6. Amendments are made by:
    a) Inserting or adding words
    b) Striking out words.
    c) Striking out and inserting words.
    d) Substituting one paragraph for another.

7. To limit debate: "Move the previous question."

8. Disposition of the motion:
    a) Lay on the table
    b) Postpone to a definite time
    d) commit or refer
    e) Vote

Standing Rules: Original PDF- (last two pages)

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